The owners of A-1 Stoves in chico & Grass Valley, CA

Hubert and Wilma
Hubert grew up in a small town near Frankfurt, Germany. After graduating from college in Germany in 1976, he came as an ex-change student to KSU, Kansas, majoring in agronomy.
Deciding to explore the U.S. he was travelling across the country for sever-al years , and finally ended up in Grass Valley, CA with his wife Wilma in 1986. Wilma is a city girl from Oberhausen, Germany, with a degree in Social Work.
Hubert and Wilma started a small business in Grass Valley, doing house cleaning, yard work, specializing in window cleaning, then added chimney cleaning. After pursuing different business ventures, the decision was made to expand the existing business, hiring employees, getting a store front, opening an internet web business and expanding into Chico, CA.
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